Black Rock Forest Consortium
Green Building and Smart Features

The Black Rock Forest Consortium embraced green building ideas in 1995 when, with the assistance of Fox & Fowle Architects (now FXFOWLE), it created a Master Plan for siting the Forest’s buildings.  From the beginning, the Consortium wanted its buildings to be seamlessly incorporated into the Forest’s natural setting in a sensible, sensitive, and environmentally sustainable manner to reflect the Consortium’s principles and to serve an educational and inspirational function for its users.

The Center for Science and Education, opened in October 1999, incorporated the most up-to-date green building components features available at the time.  By the time the Forest Lodge opened in June 2004, even more green features were available.  In 2006, the Consortium added a solar panel array that is capable of producing up to 29,000 kilowatt-hours of power per year.  All of these structures were designed by FXFOWLE Architects, who have prepared a detailed list (pdf) of the green and smart components of the Forest’s buildings.

The Consortium has received many awards for its green building features.

The Consortium is also exploring producing wind and water energy within the Forest. The Consortium’s environmental monitoring network includes data tracking the production of the solar power system and other building features.

See information about using these green building features for educational purposes.