Black Rock Forest Consortium
Data Resources

Black Rock Forest collects a variety of data for research, education, and management purposes.  They include abiotic data from the Forest’s environmental monitoring network (such as air and soil temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, barometric pressure, and solar radiation) and other sources (such as hydrology and environmental chemistry data); maps and aerial photos; and biotic data on plants (such as long term tree-growth records, forest inventories, litter fall, and measurements of photosynthesis and respiration) and animals (such as species lists and detailed information on certain individual species and groups).  Some of these were gathered as early as 1930; others date to the 1970s and 1980s; and other data have been gathered routinely since the creation of the Consortium in 1989.

The Black Rock Forest Consortium intends to continue to compile these data and make them readily available.  All data are compiled in the Black Rock Forest database, overseen by the Network/Data Manager, and are listed in the data catalog (pdf).  Some of these data are available online, and others are available by contacting the Network/Data Manager.

Many data on the forest environment and forest growth are routinely collected by Forest staff and automated instrumentation, while other data are collected by visiting investigators who are encouraged to share their information, with appropriate documentation. See the links below for information on what data are available, how to obtain data, and how to submit data to the Forest database.