Black Rock Forest Consortium
Small Grants

Since 1990, the Black Rock Forest Consortium has offered small grants to scientists and educators from Consortium institutions working on projects related to the biological or physical environment of the Forest.  Supported initially from funds established by Harvard University when it transferred ownership of the Forest, the Small Grants Program has been generously funded since 2002 by the Ernst C. Stiefel Foundation.

The grants have attracted many researchers and educators to the Forest, have produced a wealth of new environmental and biological information and publications and theses, and have contributed to student learning at many levels.  They support the natural cycle of science as the results have led to additional questions, external funding, and extended studies in several cases.

In its 22-year history, the Small Grants program has made 136 grants totaling more than $515,000; it provides up to $5000 for research projects and up to $3000 for education projects.

Application guidelines (pdf) are distributed early each year, with the application deadline in February and decisions made in March to enable summertime work on the funded projects.