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In Honor of Anne P. Sidamon-Eristoff

We aim to reclaim an area where native ash trees have all been killed by the invasive pest Emerald Ash Borer, resulting in a new growth of undesirable invasive plants. The ash trees will be replaced by planting a biodiverse mix of carbon-sequestering native trees, in addition to the few remaining mature trees, over a two-acre area. The Grove will feature a gentle walking path and will mature into a majestic and diverse stand of trees for future enjoyment, education and scientific study. Since our native trees absorb more CO2 than invasive plants, supporters will help us take action and demonstrate a solution to both managing invasives and combating climate change. The first tree planted will be a large red oak (Quercus rubra) symbolizing and honoring Anne Sidamon-Eristoff’s legacy of leadership and impact. Saplings and seedlings contributed by supporters will complete the rest of Patrons Grove.

Please consider planting a tree in Patron’s Grove in honor of Anne P. Sidamon-Eristoff
or in honor, memory or tribute to someone else special during this unprecedented time.

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Please consider becoming an annual supporter and “Friend” of the Forest. Benefits begin with a $25 donation and include free parking at the Reservoir Rd. Lot, free admission to BRF Hike Programs and an annual exclusive “Friends Only” hike.  Additional details.

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