Black Rock Forest 2022 Benefit Information

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Hume R. Steyer and Hilary S. Callahan, PhD, Co-Chairs
and the Benefit Committee invite you to join them for

A Benefit Luncheon For Black Rock Forest

Yellowstone to Yukon:
Lessons for Eastern North America


William S.F. Schuster, PhD
Executive Director of Black Rock Forest at the conclusion of 30 years of dedicated service

The E.G. Stillman Award
for outstanding leadership in research, education, and conservation
Presented by Christopher J. Elliman, President and CEO of the Open Space Institute


Jodi Hilty, PhD
President and Chief Scientist of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Thursday, May 5, 2022
12:00 Noon to 2:00PM

Metropolitan Club of New York
1 East 60th Street between Madison & Fifth Avenues
New York, NY

Parking is available at 11 East 61st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. • Jacket and tie/business attire are required by the Metropolitan Club. 
• Appropriate COVID protocols will be in place to ensure a safe event.

Jodi Hilty, PhD is President and Chief Scientist of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, a joint US-Canada non-profit organization. Y2Y’s vision is an interconnected system of wild lands and waters stretching from Yellowstone to Yukon, harmonizing the needs of people with those of nature. A conservation biologist specializing in ecological corridor and large landscape research, she has over 20 years of experience advancing large landscape conservation efforts. This work focuses on applying best available information to address complex conservation challenges through community-based and collaborative efforts. A co-editor or lead author on four books, her most recent release is 2019’s Corridor Ecology: Linking Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaption. She currently serves on the Board of the Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship and as Deputy Chair of the IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group.

William S.F. Schuster, PhD has been Black Rock Forest’s Executive Director since 1992, shortly after the organization was founded. Bill has overseen BRF’s development into a biological field station of national significance; led the successful effort to build an award-winning green campus comprising two buildings with several classrooms and laboratories, and a 60-bed lodge; and steered a capital campaign which raised over $7 million dollars in operational and endowment funds. Under his leadership the organization has grown to support 20 Consortium member institutions with more than 13,000 student-visitor days in the Forest each year; and up to 100,000 public visitors annually. Bill’s research interests focus on forest health and growth in relation to the environment and long-term ecological connectivity and sustainability. Bill currently serves on the Board of the Hudson Highlands Land Trust, is a non-Board member of Scenic Hudson’s Science Committee, and serves on Storm King Art Center’s Landscape Committee.

Eco-Corridor     $15,000

Premium table for 8. Ecological corridors facilitate essential animal movements, mitigating the effects of fragmentation, habitat destruction, and ensuring ecosystem resiliency. 🐾

Black Bear Paws     $10,000

Preferred table for 8. (Black bear, Ursus americanus) As large animals, black bears must travel great distances to access sufficient resources to survive; individuals that cannot often turn to anthropogenic food sources. 🐾

Bobcat Tracks     $5,000

Table for 8. (Bobcat,Lynx rufus) Bobcats are rarely seen, yet travel tremendous distances in search of prey and mates; our data indicate that individual female bobcat territories are the size of Black Rock Forest. 🐾

Otter Slides     $1,000

One premium ticket. (River otter, Lutra canadensis) River otters move from water body to water body throughout the year, often forcing them to cross dangerous roads and highways.

Box Turtle Treks     $500

One preferred ticket. (Box turtle, Terrapene c. Carolina) The Eastern box turtle is largely terrestrial, spending little time in water; research at Black Rock Forest suggests box turtles move extensively to find mates and areas to thermoregulate.

Salamander Migrations     $300

One ticket. (Salamanders, Ambystoma species) Many species of salamander, like the Blue-spotted salamander (Ambystoma laterale) migrate annually from forest habitats to vernal pools to breed; unfortunately, these migrations can force them to cross roads.

🐾 Donors and guests at the Eco-Corridor, Black Bear Paws, and Bobcat Tracks levels are invited to a private
“Coffee with the Keynote” (and book signing) at the end of the program.

If you wish to purchase benefit tickets or make a donation please click here. Reservations still available.
For more information, contact 845-534-4517 ext.126 or email

Black Rock Forest 2022 Benefit Committee

Hilary S. Callahan, PhD, Co-chair
Hume R. Steyer, Co-chair

Richard & Kerri Bartlett
John M. Botti, PhD
Valerie Colas-Ohrstrom
Catherine S.M. Diefenbach
Andrew Jacobs & Lotus Do
William & Eileen Glaser
Catherine Morrison Golden
Noah & Maria Gottdiener
Jonathan Lamb & Toni Scherrer
Douglas Land & Lynn Peebles
Gerry Ohrstrom
Amelia Prounis Raftopoulos & Harry Raftopoulos, MD
Clare Redden
Amani Reed
Andrew & Catherine Sidamon-Eristoff
Christie Van Kehrberg

We are grateful to our Benefit Committee members for their support and efforts to make this event a success.