Black Rock Forest Biodiversity Benefit

BioBlitz 2021

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Join us for a BioBlitz and Virtual Benefit!   

Be citizen scientists with Black Rock Forest 


Black Rock Foerst comes to Central Park: make observations during guided walks in the Park with scientists. Then, also attend the virtual benefit and interactive panel discussion on June 3 which will report on the BioBlitz findings as well as examine the importance of biodiversity in our ecosystem and the impact of citizen science. 

Get outside, learn about your environment, and contribute to science! 


Guided Events: 

Central Park, NYC: Saturday, May 22nd from 8am to 11am (rain-date, May 23) Register - NYC 

The Central Park Blitz will meet in the West 70's, location and arrival details will be provided with the registration confirmation emailBRF scientists from Barnard College, The Browning School and The Calhoun School will be available to walk with you and guide you through a BioBlitz (making observations of plants, birds, etc., on the iNaturalist app) . Group sizes will be limited with staggered starts on the half hour. 


Virtual Benefit Event: Thursday, June 3, 2021 from 6pm to 7pm 

The interactive virtual reception will feature a panel discussion by experts from Columbia University, AMNH, the Audubon Society and NYC Parks. For more information on this event, please check our website. 


What is the Black Rock Forest BioBlitz? 

Our project is a modest Bioblitz project, using the iNaturalist app, that allows Friends of Black Rock Forest to compare species diversity between the Forest and Central Park in NYC through fun citizen science while contributing to scientific data used globally.


How to participate in “Black Rock Forest BioBlitz” 


1- Form a team or participate solo!  

Join one of our guided hikes or pick a date and time to visit a green space of your choice and invite friends, family, or classmates if you wish.  


2- Create an iNaturalist account and join the Black Rock Forest BioBlitz  

You can join iNaturalist on a web browser or by downloading the app. iNaturalist has put together a very helpful Getting Started Guide.  

  • To join the project on the browser, search for the project “Black Rock Forest BioBlitz” under the community tab  

  • To join the project on the app, click on the more/menu icon, select projects, and search for the “Black Rock Forest BioBlitz” project.  

  • Direct links below to Black Rock Forest BioBlitz projects: 

We encourage you to practice with the app before you head out to your chosen area. You can use your cellular data to upload your observations as you take your photos, or you can upload them once you get back to a place with wifi. We have linked some useful resources at the bottom of this page.  

3- Head outside and take pictures of what you find 
  • Our interest is in wild organisms, so avoid taking pictures of humans and pets. If you believe a species was purposefully planted where you find it, mark it as captive/cultivated.  

  • You can decide to focus your observations on a specific set of organisms such as birds, flowers, trees, etc. or take pictures of the interesting organisms you spot on your outing.  

  • Try to take more than one picture of what you are observing. Ideally, you want a picture of the whole organism and a few close-up pictures of special characteristics that can help with identification.  

  • Remember to link your observations to the Black Rock Forest BioBlitz project! 



iNaturalist Video Tutorials:   

iNaturalist Getting Started Guide:  

iNaturalist Teacher's Guide:'s+guide 


Questions on finding the project on the app or about the project, contact: [email protected] 

Downloadable pdf version