Plan Your Visit

There are three housing options for educators and students on the Black Rock Forest campus: the Black Rock Forest Lodge, the Stone House, and the Tamarack Pond campground. Member/Non-Member rates for the Lodge are $28/$40 per night and rates for the Stone House and Tamarack Pond campground are $10/$15 per night. 

Insitutional members of Black Rock Forest  have use of the Forest's resources and facilities for academic and research activities. If your institution is already a Consortium member, use our Online Reservation Portal (link below) to plan your visit. If you need assistance with the online reservation system, email Matt Munson or call him at 845-534-4517.  Instructions are available to help you with making a reservation.

***For the online reservation system, please use either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.***

***For downloading and viewing pdf documents from Online Reservation Portal, we recommend using Fox It or older versions of Adobe Reader.  Adobe Reader 11.0 does not display the pdf's correctly.***

If your school, university, or research group is interested in applying for Consortium membership, please contact Barbara Brady in our office for additional information. For individuals, we do offer public events and programs throughout the year that do not require institutional membership. Simply sign up for our eNews on this website to receive invitations to public programs.

For Member Day Trips:

  • Educators need to complete Step 1 and Step 2 of the Bookings page.
  • Researchers need to complete Step 2 and the Researcher Activity form.

For Overnight Trips:

  • Educators need to complete Steps 1 and 2, and Overnight Lodging on the Bookings page.
  • Researchers need to complete Step 2, the Researcher Activity form, and Overnight Lodging
Arriving/Departure Timing
Please be aware, that departing groups have until 1:00 pm to depart from the Lodge (if another group is coming in, on their departing day) then I would have a cleaner come in to clean.  So arriving groups that are coming in when a group is departing, will not be able to get into the lodge until 4 pm.   If there are no departing groups, the day you arrive, you will be able to get in by 9 am (if I don’t need a cleaner to come in 1st thing, which would push the time back to 11 am)
Note: Departing groups don’t need to depart the Forest by 1 pm on their departure date, just out of the Lodge so it can be cleaned.
Multiple Groups Using Lodge at same Time
The Forest Lodge has 10 rooms (5 on each wing) and can sleep up to 60 people (bunkbed style).  It is possible for multiple small groups to use the Lodge during the same time.  When multiple groups are using the Lodge during the same time, I will put each group into contact with each other to work-out a shared Lodge timing.  Also, the Center classrooms are available for extra space.   If smaller groups, don’t want the possibility of sharing the Lodge space, they have the option to reserve the entire Lodge if they would like too.
Access the our online reservations portal.