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Black Rock Forest (BRF) is a growing environmental non-profit organization with programs in research, education, and conservation. The organization’s facilities, including offices, labs, classrooms, and a lodge, are located in the 3,920-acre Forest of the same name in Cornwall, NY. BRF has a staff of 15 and functions as a biological field station with 26 miles of hiking trails and another 17 miles of gated forest roads. 

Interested in doing research at Black Rock Forest? The Post Doctoral Fellowship Program is looking for applicants. Click here for more information.

Director of Education

Position Summary:

The Director of Education at Black Rock Forest will be responsible for bringing state of the art educational programming to K-16 students, teachers, and the general public to foster scientific inquiry. The Director of Education will work closely with the Executive Director, Science and Conservation staff, and Consortium Members to strengthen the organization and advance the mission of advancing scientific understanding of the natural world through research, education, and conservation programs. 

 Job Description: 

  • Manage the Education Program including participating in strategic planning, supervising staff, managing budgets, and overseeing classroom and laboratory space. 
  • Serve as program-level liaison between Black Rock Forest (BRF) and the institutional members of the Black Rock Forest Consortium. 
  • Collaborate with teachers, researchers, program staff, and consortium members to develop new activities and curricula including use of the recently renovated Moretti Education Center.
  • Plan, coordinate, and lead forest explorations and lab investigations in science and related disciplines for groups of students from elementary school age to college
  • Support logistics for school groups and public education visits, including adherence to appropriate policies and procedures. 
  • Ensure that all educational programs promote cultural competence, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Manage online access to forest data and curricular materials (e.g., Peck Stacpoole Online Education Collection)
  • Maintain physical educational resources including field equipment and lab spaces in the Moretti Education Center, overseeing purchasing as needed
  • Support integration of technological advances in education including the use of smartphone app innovations and digital data collection tools 
  • Support community science activities in the Forest for students and the public 
  • Leverage operational budget by writing grants and seeking funds to expand the BRF education programs. 
  • Occasional travel to New York City and throughout the Hudson Valley for meetings and events, as well as some work on evenings and weekends, is required.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s and graduate degrees, preferably in environment-related sciences and/or education, especially STEM/STEAM education. 
  • Significant training and teaching experience in a range of K-12 educational settings in disciplines related to the biological and physical sciences. 
  • Demonstrated cultural competence and experience with promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and in organizations. 
  • Experience designing hands-on and inquiry-based learning activities, including experiential and transdisciplinary education, with a view to adapting for different age-groups and audiences, including youth of color, immigrants and underserved youth. 
  • Proven superior communication skills (written, oral, digital) for a wide range of age-levels. 
  • Creative, dynamic, innovative, self-motivated, and willing to work with a variety of audiences.
  • Experience in the use of technologies for teaching and learning including video production and editing. 
  • Knowledge of the Hudson Highlands’ ecology, forest ecosystems, history, and conservation desired, though not essential. 
  • Willingness to work and hike outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.

Additional Information:

At Black Rock Forest we value diversity, in our ecosystems and in our organization. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace and in our science, education, and conservation. We strongly encourage applications from underrepresented group members as we seek to diversify and strengthen our organization, science, and society.

Application Materials:

(Any questions please contact Susanne Vondrak at office.manager@blackrockforest.org)

● Cover letter

● Resume

● Names and contact information of three professional references

● Statement of Educational Philosophy (max.2 pages)

● Recommended: 

  • Forest-related lesson plan that you have used and/or created, and a written reflection on the lesson activity. OR:
  • Brief video (max. 10 min) of sample teaching (outdoor or indoor forest-related lesson) and written reflection on the activity.

Application Deadline: Monday December 19, 2022 5pm EST

Salary Range: $75,000 – $85,000 per year plus competitive health and retirement benefits

Start Date: January 2023 or later 

Driver’s license necessary 

    Director of Education Application Form


    Application Materials

    Wildlife Connectivity Technician (Seasonal)

    Reports to: Research Scientist (Dr. Scott LaPoint)

    Position Summary:

    Join Scott LaPoint this winter to help us execute our Hudson Highlands Wildlife Connectivity Project. The goal of this project is to use mammal distribution information (via camera trapping), animal behavior (specifically, bobcats Lynx rufus and eventually fishers Pekania pennanti, via GPS-tracking collars), gene flow (via fecal DNA), wildlife usage rates of under-highway culverts, and road mortality to quantify the negative impacts of roads across the western Hudson Highlands. Our hope is to justify the need for and eventually measure the effectiveness of New York State’s first wildlife overpass.

    Responsibilities & Opportunities:

    The technician will experience a small non-profit and will execute scientific principles for conservation. Duties include camera trap deployments, lure and bait processing, image management, and identification of species within images. Live-trapping efforts will focus on bobcat and possibly fisher, via cage traps and possibly footholds (depending upon experience), requiring daily, morning checks often solo. Dr. LaPoint will lead all animal handling and processing with support from the technician. GPS-tracking collars will be deployed on healthy individuals, thus with some luck, the technician can expect to learn field biotelemetry methods to re-locate collared individuals. Culvert monitoring is principally done during spring through fall, but data-processing exists. Road mortality surveys are done semi-weekly, year-round. Applicants with experience in and enjoy working in program R are highly encouraged as there are many opportunities for exploring existing data sets. Other research opportunities and experiences may present themselves via other ongoing projects at Black Rock Forest.


    • enthusiasm for carnivore conservation and science and willingness to learn new ideas, strategies, and methods for conducting wildlife ecology research,
    • be self-motivated, reliable, diligent, and punctual,
    • be ‘outdoorsy’; i.e., enjoy hiking/working alone, possibly under strenuous conditions, navigate and orientate, and ‘read’ a wildlife landscape,
    • previous experience capturing and handling small and medium carnivores,
    • familiarity with camera trapping,
    • knowledge of local wildlife,
    • possess a clean driver’s license (for using company vehicle) and personal transportation to/from work,
    • be comfortable navigating forest roads via an atv or utv or willing to become so,
    • be an effective communicator, both within the research team and the public, including a willingness to seek clarity when needed.

    An ideal candidate will have demonstrated past success in catching bobcats with foothold and/or cage traps.

    Timeline & Compensation:

    40-hour weeks, from December – late April 2023. Exact start/end dates are flexible. Hours and duties vary weekly. We expect to offer $15/hour wage, slightly more for highly qualified individuals. We expect to provide free housing, but if this is not possible, we will increase the hourly wage to compensate for housing costs; details tbd. The technician will receive a 1099-misc at the end of the year for their tax purposes.

    Additional Information & How to Apply:

    At BRF we value diversity, in our ecosystems and in our organization. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace and in our science, education, and conservation. We strongly encourage applications from underrepresented group members as we seek to diversify and strengthen our organization, science, and society.

    Deadline to apply: 30 November 2022

    Enter your name, email address, and phone number below. Upload a single pdf containing a cover letter and your resume. Your one-page cover letter should explain your motivation for joining our project and a description of your interests in wildlife research and conservation. Your resume should include details on relevant field experience and/or coursework. References will be requested for final candidates.

    Any questions please email Dr. LaPoint at slapoint@blackrockforest.org

      Wildlife Ecology Technician Application Form


      Cover Letter/Resume