Covid 19 Policy

Black Rock Forest is following all NY and CDC recommended guidelines.

Visiting Class Policies

  • Classes must preregister prior to coming to the Forest
  • Visiting classes will be required to conduct their classes outside in the field, at this time
  • Requests for Staff must be made prior to arrival, preferably several days before. At this time, school groups will be limited to facilities
    • Forest Lodge restrooms will also be available to separate groups
      • As long as no groups are currently staying in the Lodge
      • Same entry requirements will be required
  • Requirements for restroom use
    • Face masks must be worn
    • Temperature must be taken (by school official or BRF Staff) and be below 100 degrees
    • Hand sanitizer used prior to entry
    • Hands must be washed thoroughly after using facilities
    • Visitors will be required to use either the Men’s or Women’s facilities
      • The unisex disability facility will be reserved for:
        • Visitors with disabilities
        • BRF Staff
  • Black Rock Forest’s procedure for cleaning restrooms:
    • All commonly touched surfaces are 1st cleaned with soap & water mixture
    • We are using concentrated Simple Green & water
    • After cleaning with soap & water, we disinfect surfaces with an appropriate disinfectant
      • Bleach & Water
      • Cleaning Hydrogen Peroxide
    • We are also sanitizing with the use of a UV-C lamp
      • This lamp is only used during the night when all staff and visitors are gone
      • If time allows, during the day, we may also use this between visiting classes
        • 30 minutes is required to sanitize each restroom
  • Black Rock Forest ventilation filters
    • Per CDC Recommendations, Black Rock Forest is switching from Merv 8 filters to Merv 13 filters, which filter out smaller particles and are recommended by CDC.

Use of BRF Equipment

  • Visiting Classes are welcome to use BRF Equipment if needed
    • Classes must request all items of equipment they will need prior to visiting
    • All equipment will be cleaned by BRF Staff after its use using an appropriate cleaner for that specific equipment

Forest Lodge

  • If Lodge is not being used for overnight guests, Lodge restrooms will be utilized for separating visiting groups
    • Same use practices and cleaning procedures will be used as outlined above
  • Overnight groups (requests will be assessed on a case by case basis)
    • Groups no larger than 10 will be permitted to stay overnight
    • Only (1) visiting group will be permitted to stay in the Forest Lodge at a time
    • No overlapping groups will be allowed (e.g. one group leaving in morning and another arriving in afternoon)
    • One full day must separate overnight groups to allow time to clean
    • Masks recommended within restrooms
    • Masks required within kitchen and Commons
    • Linens, blankets, and towels
      • BRF will supply sheets, if needed
      • If possible, Groups will bring their own blankets/sleeping bags and towel

Stone House Area

  • The Stone House area is available as a destination
    • Day Trips, outside access only
    • Overnight stays – limited to tenting only, no sleeping in building
      • CDC guidelines still apply
  • Please be aware the Stone House has no power or running power,
    • The 2nd floor staircase is currently being replaced.