Mammals: Trapping and Tracking Summer Course

Mysterious Mammals: Trapping and Tracking the Creatures of the Night

Instructors: Katie Pavlis Terlizzi, Stephanie Seto 

July 8 – 13, 2012 – BRF Summer Science Camp

A five-day course introducing students to the study of mammals, some of the most charismatic creatures of the forest ecosystem. Students will learn about various aspects of mammalian biology, including anatomy and physiology, biodiversity, behavior, and ecology. Numerous techniques will be used to enhance the learning experience. For example, real and replica skulls and bones will be used to introduce students to mammalian anatomy as well as adaptations to specific environments. Additionally, students will gain experience in trapping and handling mammals and will work together on projects involving mark-recapture and tracking mammals. The course will include multiple trips into the field where students will acquire field mammalogy skills and become acquainted with the mammals of Black Rock Forest.

Detailed plan for the delivery of a five-day residential science camp course for high school students.

Students learn about various aspects of mammalian biology, including anatomy and physiology.

Introduction to various animal tracking methods.

Introduction to Foraging Ecology, in particular, mammal diets and adaptations, skull anatomy and dentition, and bait selection and species preference.

Students gain an appreciation for mammalian diversity by considering a few very unusual mammal species from around the world.