Seasonal Botany Bingo on Sibyl’s Path

The 10-foot-wide packed stone path, “Sibyl’s Path” — which meanders through mature forests and past fern-covered cliffs — now offers access to some of the Hudson Highlands’ most challenging and rewarding vistas. Because the trail was constructed in compliance with ADA building standards and trail guidelines, it can be safely accessed by just about anyone — including people using wheelchairs or walkers, as well as families with young children in strollers.

Nora Gmelch, a high school senior and girl scout from Woodbury Girl Scouts, created seasonal educational brochures to help with identifying plants, trees and scenery along the VAP as part of her work to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. The brochures can be used for scavenger hunts or bingo games while hiking on the trail.

Suggested complimentary activities: In addition to identifying plants on the trail, students can paint a watercolor, play botany bingo and work with staff to help with re-vegetation by planting native species and trees along the slopes of the pathway.

VAP plants Nov to early March Gmelch

VAP Botany bingo plants April to June Gmelch

VAP Botany bingo plants July to October Gmelch