Sorting & Counting with Nature

Children best learn to become mathematical problem solvers while learning to communicate and reason mathematically. Understanding and naming particular attributes, such as size, weight and height, as well as considering comparisons and relationships between different and similar objects, is an important part of a young child’s development as a mathematical thinker. Young children greatly benefit from seeing, touching, talking and experimenting with concrete objects. 

While stopping to rest, eat lunch or admire the view, young students will enjoy collecting natural objects for counting, sorting, identifying and exploring patterns.

Ten Frames

Using ten frames with natural objects helps young mathematicians subitize. Subitizing is the the ability to instantly see the parts and join them together to make the whole without counting. Arrays and ten-frames provide a way for children to organize and quantify objects. Even more fun if you are counting with objects from nature!

Sorting and Counting in Nature

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