Black Rock Forest 2023 Benefit Information

William and Eileen Glaser, Co-Chairs
and the Benefit Committee invite you to join them for

A Benefit Luncheon for Black Rock Forest

Jessica Ware, PhD
Associate Curator in Invertebrate Zoology at the
American Museum of Natural History

Liam Kavanagh
former First Deputy Commissioner of New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
with the Dr. Ernest G. Stillman Award
for a lifetime of outstanding service to parks and people

Thursday, May 4, 2023
12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM

Metropolitan Club of New York
1 East 60th Street between Madison & Fifth Avenues
New York, NY

Parking is available at 11 East 61st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. • Jacket and tie/business attire (no jeans) are required by the Metropolitan Club. 

Jessica Ware, PhD is an Associate Curator in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Jessica’s research explores the evolution of behavioral and physiological adaptations in insects, with an emphasis on how these occur in dragonflies and damselflies. Her research group uses phylogenetics and phylogenomics to inform their work on reproductive, social and flight behaviors in insects.
  She was a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow at AMNH (2008-2010) before becoming an associate professor of evolutionary biology at Rutgers (2010-2020). She is the current Past President of the Worldwide Dragonfly Association, and Past President of the Entomological Society of America. She was recently awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) medal for her work on insect evolution.
  Jessica also serves on the Board of Directors at Black Rock Forest. She holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia and a PhD from Rutgers University.

Liam Kavanagh has given over 40 years of public service to the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, serving as Brooklyn Forestry Director, Deputy Chief of Operations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and Chief of Operations in Manhattan before his appointment as First Deputy Commissioner. In that role, Liam was responsible for all aspects of the operations of 29,000 acres of parkland in New York City, developing environmental policy and playing a key role in promoting urban forestry and horticulture. The “MillionTreesNYC” project, launched in 2007, with the millionth tree planted in 2015, is but one example of Liam’s efforts to improve the green spaces throughout New York, increasing the City’s urban forest by 20% and mitigating its carbon footprint.
  Liam was instrumental in building a connection for research, education, and public outreach between Black Rock Forest (BRF) and NYC Parks – Consortium members since 2009. Liam served on the BRF Board of Directors, and he oversaw the Woodland Salamander Monitoring Project in NYC’s parks and at BRF, which produced field guides that educators use to this day.

As of 5/2/2023

Tiger Spiketail (Cordulegaster erronea) $18,000

Premium table for 8. This striking dragonfly gets its name from its black and yellow striped abdomen. The tiger spiketail is a rare dragonfly in New York as it is a habitat specialist found only in small spring-fed freshwater springs and seeps where fish cannot survive.

Sable Clubtail (Stenogomphurus rogersi) $12,000

Preferred table for 8. This olive-green to black dragonfly is slender in appearance and occupies forest streams where it forages along forest edges. This dragonfly is rare in New York with only two known populations.

Mocha Emerald (Somatochlora linearis) $6,000

Table for 8. This large slender dragonfly has emerald green eyes and a mocha brown thorax with green iridescence. Little is known about the population trends for this species as it is somewhat rare.

Dragonhunter (Hagenius brevistylus) $1,200

One premium ticket. The dragonhunter, so named because it preys upon other dragonflies, has one of the longest lifespans of any dragonfly. This species can live 4 to 7 years as aquatic larvae. This long lifespan was one of the reasons Dr. Ware and her students chose Dragonhunters in their study of dragonfly evolution.

Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) $700

One preferred ticket. This beautiful and delicate damselfly is quite common across New York state and can readily be seen at Black Rock Forest. Look for a damselfly with a shiny blue-green body and black wings.

Green Darner (Anax junius) $350

One ticket. One of the most common dragonflies in the Forest, this marvelous species sports a green thorax and blue abdomen. This species ranges all the way down to Panama and has been known to migrate from the Northern US all the way to Texas and Mexico.

Black Rock Forest 2023 Benefit Committee

William & Eileen Glaser, Co-chairs

Richard & Kerri Bartlett
John M. Botti, PhD
Catherine Morrison Golden
Noah & Maria Gottdiener
Andrew Jacobs & Lotus Do
Jonathan Lamb & Toni Scherrer
Douglas Land & Lynn Peebles
Gerry Ohrstrom
Amelia Prounis Raftopoulos & Harry Raftopoulos, M.D.
Clare Redden
Andrew & Catherine Sidamon-Eristoff
Christie Van Kehrberg

We are grateful to our Benefit Committee members for their support and efforts to make this event a success.

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