Connect BRF with your Curriculum

Experiencing the outdoors is more important now than ever as we pivot towards online learning. The benefits of teaching and learning in outdoor spaces not only helps with improvement of test scores, social skills, community building, and overall health, but allows for the opportunity to create long-lasting memories and a deeper understanding of how the natural world works.

Our team of educators have over 100 years of environmental education combined and have shared their knowledge of the Forest to thousands of students. Our connection with researchers from institutions such as Columbia University, American Museum of Natural History, CUNY, and other area colleges and universities brings a rich opportunity for students to learn from scientists and experience the forest using environmental datasets while practicing authentic field methods scientists use to collect their data.

For those looking to adapt an in-person experience to a virtual one, we have a suite of online educational lessons, modules, and videos that could help assist you teach about many topics important to understanding the Forest from a scientific approach while appreciating its beauty and complexity.

We look forward to working with our member institutions to develop new curricula and learning opportunities – whether virtual or here in the Forest. Please reach out to our education team to discuss how we can be of assistance!


The BRF Education Team