Connect BRF with your Curriculum

Dear educators,

Welcome to the Black Rock Forest Education page. Black Rock Forest’s education and training efforts are focused on teachers and students.

Our Consortium membership includes dozens of K-12 schools in the NYC and Hudson Valley area. We collaborate with teachers and lead students from suburban and urban communities through hands-on discovery and investigation of the special role healthy forests play in the environment. We approach this through a number of programs. If you are interested in joining our Consortium, we have a host of facilities and resources available to make the most of your educational experience here.

Experiencing the outdoors is more important now than ever. Learning in outdoor spaces not only helps with physical and emotional health, community building, and motivation, but allows for the opportunity to create long-lasting memories and a deeper understanding of how the natural world works. Our team of educators has shared their knowledge of the Forest with thousands of students, and become certified as NASA GLOBE Educators

Our connection with researchers from institutions, colleges, and universities brings a rich opportunity for students to practice the scientific process and experience the forest using environmental datasets while utilizing actual field ecology methods to collect their data. 

We look forward to working with our Consortium member institutions to develop new curricula and learning opportunities here in the Forest. Please reach out to our education team to discuss how we can be of assistance!

Looking forward to your visit!

Jessica Schnell