COVID-19 Update for Summer Science Camp



 We are currently looking into the possibilities of running a modified 2021 Summer Camp.  

The health and safety of all of our campers, staff, and instructors remains our top priority.

We remain extremely grateful for the families who have continued to support our camp through the years. We wish everyone a safe and happy 2021.


Important Changes for 2021

Summer Science Camp  will now follow the traditional camp and school format of running from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. After camp instruction will also be available if needed until 5:00 pm. During after camp instruction students will participate in general recreation, hiking, stream exploration and more. 

About Summer Science Camp 
Every summer, Black Rock Forest Consortium welcomes middle students to Summer Science Camp to pursue authentic, week-long experiences in nature, working directly with scientists. The camp's focus is on understanding nature through scientific observation and investigation. Classes are developed and taught by subject experts from throughout the Consortium, providing an opportunity to explore college and career possibilities in the natural sciences while having fun at Black Rock Forest, in Cornwall, NY.
About the Director
Black Rock Forest welcomes our new Master Educator and Summer Science Camp Director, Angelica E. Patterson, to the staff this year. Ms. Patterson received her MS and MPhil at Columbia University where she is currently a Doctoral candidate studying plant physiology. She received her BS at Cornell University. Ms. Patterson has been working with students in and out of the classroom for nearly 15 years.
About Our Instructors
The instructors for the Summer Science Camp program are science, art, and writing professionals working in their discipline and range from graduate students to university professors. Instructors are from Consortium institutions, including Barnard College, Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History, as well as partner institutions, including SUNY New Paltz, City University of New York. Courses are rigorous, hands-on and engaging for students, and are improved each year in response to evaluations submitted by camp students, their parents, and the camp instructors.
Black Rock Forest Consortium gratefully acknowledges the Dyson Foundation as a sponsor of need- based scholarships to the Summer Science Camp.
To see Summer Science Camp highlights from 2013, watch a Time Warner Cable/Charter sponsored PSA below!