BRF Graphic Standards

Black Rock Forest asks that anyone using, presenting, or publishing data and information from BRF to adhere to our graphics guidelines and standards listed below. This will help us maintain our graphic identity and branding with the public and the academic community.

For additional branding information for specific projects or questions about usage please email


This is the primary logo. It uses black and a tint of black (50%) in the mountains to give a heightened sense of depth. It is to be used on white and very light backgrounds.*


 BRF Logo-Grayscale.jpg

BRF Logo-Grayscale.png

This is the reversed or white logo (shown on a black background) of the primary logo. It is to be used on the darkest or most solid backgrounds.*


BRF Logo-REV-White(black background).jpg

 BRF Logo-REV-White.png

 * Use the vector files (.ai) when possible as they can be enlarged indefinitely and will have a transparent background. JPGs do not have transparent backgrounds so use PNG when transparency is necessary and the .ai file can’t be used.


Accent Orange

Pantone (PMS): PMS 144c

RGB: 241/138/0

Web (HEX): #f18a00

Accent Green

Pantone (PMS): PMS 377c

RGB: 120/153/4

Web (HEX): #789904

Accent Blue

Pantone (PMS): PMS 5483c

RGB: 75/133/142

Web (HEX): #4B858E

Accent Red

Pantone (PMS): Custom

RGB: 200/84/53

Web (HEX): #c85435


Primary Fonts – These are used when avaliable, usually for printed projects.

Serif font:

Fairplex Wide

Fairplex Narrow

(used for headlines and text)

 San serif font:

Proxima Nova

(used for text, captions, and credits) 

Secondary Font – These are used when primary fonts are not avaliable, usually for online projects.

Serif font:

Times New Roman

(used for headlines)

 San serif font:





(used for text, captions, and credits)


If you have questions about how to use our logos, fonts or colors, please contact the Communications Dept at Black Rock Forest.

Telephone: 845-534-4517