Current Research

Much of the current research at Black Rock Forest focuses on ecosystem function and advancing fundamental biological knowledge. Focal Consortium research goals include predictive understanding of the future of eastern […]

Data and Publications

Black Rock Forest collects, manages and shares a variety of data, some of which dates back to its 1927 origins, resulting in over 700 publications, papers and published abstracts.

How to do Research at BRF

Scientists from all institutions are welcome to propose and conduct research at Black Rock Forest, or to use the Forest as one location in larger-scale studies. For more information, please […]

Conservation initiatives

Conservation Program Overview As an intact, mature deciduous forest dominated by native species, Black Rock Forest represents an increasingly rare natural resource. It retains high habitat and species diversity, including […]

Wireless Mesh Network

In 2019 Black Rock Forest, along with SayCel Inc., upgraded the Black Rock Forest radio telemetry data network to a wireless mesh wi-fi network through a Field Stations and Marine […]

Archeology at Black Rock Forest 

Archeology is the study of the peoples and culture of the past. Through the study of landscapes and material remains, we can learn more about the people that have lived […]

About the Forest Lands

Black Rock Forest is a living laboratory for field-based research and education, encompassing native terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that are increasingly rare in the region. The 3,920-acre Forest features dramatic […]