2022 Black Rock Forest Annual Luncheon Benefit

“Yellowstone to Yukon: Lessons for Eastern North America”

Black Rock Forest held their annual benefit luncheon on May 5 at the Metropolitan Club in NYC. Co-chaired by their Board Chair, Mr. Hume Steyer and Board President, Dr. Hilary Callahan the event featured keynote speaker, Dr. Jodi Hilty, President and Chief Scientist from the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative.  

Mr. Christopher Elliman, President and CEO of the Open Space Institute, on behalf of the BRF Board, presented Dr. William Schuster with the Dr. Ernest G. Stillman Award for outstanding leadership in research, education and conservation after 30 years of dedicated service to Black Rock Forest.  

The Black Rock Forest Board also announced the creation of the William S.F. Schuster, PhD, Fund for Research. Founded by generous benefactors to honor the three decades of Bill Schuster’s consequential leadership of Black Rock Forest, the Board hopes to grow an endowed fund to support future science research and provide a legacy of Dr. Schuster’s work at the Forest. 

For more information about the William S.F. Schuster Fund for Research please visit our donate page.    

Click here for a recording of Dr. Jodi Hilty’s presentation “Making the Case for Large Landscape: Yellowstone to Yukon”.

Here is a recording of the event to listen to all the speakers and presentations: 

For a complete list of benefit donors.



Richard & Kerri Bartlett
Valerie Colas-Ohrstrom

William & Eileen Glaser
David & Beth Shaw

Barnard College
The Browning School
The Columbia Climate
The Dalton School
Noah & Maria Gottdiener*
Marjorie & Gurnee F. Hart
Ralph E. Ogden
  Foundation, Inc.
Gerry F. Ohrstrom
Open Space Institute &
  Christopher J. Elliman
Amelia Prounis &
  Harry Raftopoulos, MD
David & Jeannette Redden
Michelle D. Smith
Hume R. Steyer

Philip V. Ammirato, PhD
Pam & Barry Breeman
Hilary S. Callahan, PhD
James & Kara Cross
Laurie & Scott Dubchansky
Robert & Mary Grace Heine
Andrew Jacobs & Lotus Do
Jonathan W.R. Lamb
Deborah & Rocco
Jim Ottaway, Jr., Trustee,
  Storm King Art Center
Ru & Sheila Rauch
Andrew & Catherine
Constantine Prince
Christie Van Kehrberg

Tom & Nancy Berner
Charles Canham,
  Cary Institute
Howard P. Davis
Kristin Gamble
Paul & JoAnn Dolan
Margaret & Jim Harbison
Fenella & Morrie Heckscher
Sam Keany
Bill & Tina Kelly
James B. Kobak, Jr.
Carolyn Lamphier
Melissa Mannis
Scott Mannis
George & Judy Muser
Sara Lee Schupf
Sylvia Smith

American Museum of
  Natural History
Peter & Helena Bienstock
Thomas Bregman,
  Hudson Highlands
  Nature Museum
Anne M. Cliadakis *
Dagher Engineering, PLLC
Sally Faith Dorfman-Sirota
Veronique Firkusny-
Deborah S. Gardner
Paul R. Gottsegen
Jonah Alexander
Richard Greenblatt &
  Louise Ballinger
Liam Kavanagh
Mary J. Leou
E. Curtis & Janet
  Moulton, III
Tom & Joann O’Donnell
Hannah Roth
Riverdale Country School
The School at Columbia
David Sgorbati
Deborah Sussman
Trevor Day School

Stephen M. Clement, III
Joshua R. Ginsberg Fund
Catherine Morrison Golden
An-Ping & Sarah Hsieh
Samuel G. Huber,
  Notaboat Fund
National Philanthropic Trust
Douglas Land &
  Lynn Peebles
Christine Ruppert
Lucy R. Waletzky, MD

Marianne Duggan Bell
Emily & Jo Cunningham
Catherine R. Curley Lee
Stephen Ives &
  Anne Symmes
Oliver, Barbara L.
Anne & Frederick
  Osborn, III
William Plotch
Plum Point Dental
Andrew Reinmann
Stephen & Elizabeth Shafer
E. Ward & Carolyn Smith
Amy Stillman
Mark Stillman
Anonymous (4)

*Donated ticket(s)to
educators  or research