The Bearmore Archeology Dig

On Thursday, October 28th fourth grade students from Mrs. Cleeves and Mrs. Pananero’s classes visited Black Rock Forest to uncover the history of those who once called this land home. Forest Historian John Brady was accompanied by Dana Linck, a renowned professional archaeologist from the region. Students learned about the site and surrounding areas before using their hands to sift and screen soil, uncovering artifacts from the Bearmore homestead that once stood there. Mr. Brady led students on a short surveying lesson using basic tools to map the remnants of the old stone walls that surrounded the homestead. Fourth graders also visited the Stone House or also known as the Chatfield house, which was the most extensive homestead in Black Rock Forest. Students learned about the families that used the homestead and its surrounding area, as well as the dozens of uncovered artifacts by BRF staff. This lesson gave students a look into the Forest land use history, as well as the livelihood of those that once called this place home.