The Last Stand, an Opera

Last month, field recorded sounds of wind, rain, birds and humans from Black Rock Forest, could be heard throughout the trees in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Inspired by Suzanne Simard’s work and everyday sounds of the Forest,  Kamala Sankaram composed The Last Stand, an experimental opera and sound installation to bring heightened awareness of the “multi-species kinship” that surrounds us every day.

Dr. Angelica Patterson, our Master Educator, Dr. William Schuster, our Executive Director, and John Brady, our Forest Historian shared the natural beauty and history of Black Rock Forest with Sankaram. With their help and guidance, she created a beautiful, 10-hour musique concrète depicting the life of Black Rock Forest’s very own 300-year-old Northern White Oak. 

For more information about this past event, please click here.

To listen to the podcast featuring Dr. Angelica Patterson and Dr. Suzanne Pierre (founder of the Critical Ecology Lab) discussing their research through the lens of environmental justice, conservation ethics, and the legacies of how our social-historical systems (colonialism, capitalism, etc) have impacted the environment and the environmental science field itself, please click here.