Download a Black Rock Forest Trail Map for Free! 

The Black Rock Forest trail map is now officially available for download on Avenza Maps! We will be printing fewer maps for our kiosks, which will reduce paper, ink, and shipping, thereby decreasing our overall carbon footprint. 

 To access our map on Avenza, first download the Avenza Maps App in the Google Play or Apple Store

  1. Create your account on the app. 
  2. Click on the Store tab 
  3. Search for “Black Rock Forest” and look for the FREE map titled “Black Rock Forest Trail Map, Cornwall, NY”. Click the Free button to download it to your phone. 
  4. Select the “Black Rock Forest Trail Map, Cornwall, NY” from the maps tab. 
  5. When you open the map, you will now be able to see your location even while offline! (Click on the pointer arrow at the bottom of your screen and your location is represented by a blue dot)
  6. Safe and happy hiking! 

For a downloadable printable map and recommended trail guides for your next visit, CLICK HERE.