We are inviting our Friends of the Forest to the third annual “Friends Only” event here at Black Rock Forest!

Exclusive Meet the Scientists” event for our Friends of the Forest! Meet BRF staff and scientists, explore the Forest,and kick off peak leaf season! 

  • Wonder how and why tree leaves change color? -Ask Dr. Hanna Makowski, BRF! 
  • Twisted-wing parasites. Yes, they are a thing! Ask RJ Milena, AMNH! 
  • Want to know about rare spotted turtles & their movements in BRF? Ask Claire Levesque, Columbia University & AMNH!  

The event will include: 

  • A series of short talks by Consortium scientists at 3 locations in the Forest. 
  • Maps for self-guided walks to speaker locations. 
  • Coffee, Jones Farm donuts & apples at check-in.  
  • Locations: Mailley’s Mill Bridge, the Upper Reservoir and Aleck Meadow. 

Only Friends of the Forest (annual supporters) will be admitted to this private event!

Not a Friend of the Forest yet? Visit our donation page to find out how to become a Friend today!



Saturday, October 21, 2023
10:30 am - 1:30 pm