Forest Ecology

  • Long-term Forest monitoring on eight paired plots established in the 1930s
  • Understanding tree growth and physiological processes in response to environmental changes through the use of digital point dendrometers- Kevin Griffin (Columbia University) and Jeremy Hise (Hise Scientific)
  • Nitrogen Fixation strategies in black locust trees – Duncan Menge (Columbia University)
  • Leveraging Natural Gradients in Microenvironment to Interactive Effects of Changes in Climate and Forest Tree Species Composition- Andy Reinmann and Ayo Deas (CUNY Hunter)
  • Improving estimates of biomass in Black Rock Forest trees and the impact of changing species composition- Peter Bower (Barnard College) and Bill Schuster (BRF)and students
  • How does an invasive nitrogen-fixing tree affect the spatial distribution of soil nitrogen, tree access to soil nitrogen, and seedling growth?- Palani Akana (Columbia University)
  • Native plant performance along an urbanization gradient- Kevin Griffin (Columbia University), Bill Schuster (BRF) and students.
  • Are garlic mustard effects on soil processes and microbial communities reversible?- Kristina Stinson (University of Massachusetts)
  • An assessment of moss and lichen diversity at Black Rock Forest- Christian Liriano
  • How drivers of forest understory shift between biotic and abiotic controls based on deer browsing and oak mortality- Benton Taylor (Harvard Forest)

Denotes projects funded by David Redden Conservation Science Fund