Group Visit Information

Organized groups must pre-register  with Black Rock Forest by completing a group registration form before visiting. Weekend/holiday groups please register by noon Friday to ensure availability. If your school or organization is a member of the Black Rock Forest Consortium please register your visit on the Consortium Members Reservation page HERE.

  • Carpooling is recommended. Individual parking spaces cannot be reserved and we recommend that you arrive early. 
  • We ask that groups travel in cohorts of a maximum of 12 to mitigate the impact on the land. If your group is larger than 12, we ask that you split the group and take separate loops – perhaps meeting for lunch or a snack in the middle. We are happy to provide maps and hiking suggestions for your group to make your visit more enjoyable. NOTE: for the safety of all visitors, large groups may be turned away if they have not pre-registered and there is overcrowding in the parking lot. 
  • Vans: Please note that parking fees for vans (vehicles carrying more than 10 passengers) are $25/daily parking fees. Limited reserved spots for vans are available.  
  • Coach buses: Please note that our public parking lots are too small to accomodate coach buses. Please call ahead to make other parking arrangements. 

    Name of Organization:

    Hike Leader:

    Number of Participants (max 12 per group permitted on any one trail)

    Requested Trail Loop (to minimize overlap with other groups on the same trail loop(s))


    Costs: $25.00 for van parking; $5.00 daily parking fee per car.