Wildlife Ecology

  • Assessing deer density in Black Rock Forest using two independent methods (snow tracking and pellet count surveys) to inform conservation and management decisions
  • Chasing down climate change hitchhikers: tracing avian malaria with transcriptomics- Johanna Harvey (AMNH)
  • Analysis of avian diversity in relation to human activity in Black Rock Forest- Terryanne Maenza-Gmelch (Barnard College)
  • Studying memory in food-caching birds, black-capped chickadees and tufted titmice- Dmitriy Aranov (Columbia University)
  • Quantifying rates of nitrogen fixation in xylophagus beetle larvae- Isobel Mifsud (Columbia University)*
  • High-resolution tracking of rare turtles at Black Rock Forest: Development of new tools for wildlife conservation-Suzanne Macey (AMNH) and Matthew Palmer (Columbia University)*

*Denotes projects funded by David Redden Conservation Science Fund