Join us as we kick off the 2023 Phenology Monitoring Program at Black Rock Forest!

Join our existing group of over 30 volunteers as we launch the 2023 Phenology Program at Black Rock Forest. Help BRF record the timing of seasonal events as we collect data from 15 plants along our Honey Hill Phenology Trail (two mile round trip). Phenology is often referred to as nature’s calendar, and the timing of environmental triggers is a key indicator of climate change. BRF is looking for volunteers to collect data 2-4 times per month throughout most of the year. Whether you already visit the Forest regularly or need a great excuse to visit more often, the Phenology Trail Monitoring Program is a great opportunity to contribute to science! Existing Phenology Volunteers are not required to attend but are more than welcome!

The training will include an indoor presentation introducing the concept and importance of phenology followed by an outdoor, hands-on training along our Phenology trail.

BRF Phenology Trail Volunteers will: 

  • gain a stronger understanding of how phenology impacts the ecosystem
  • learn how to identify plant species and their phenophases
  • become part of a close-knit science community
  • spend time in the forest on a regular basis
  • make observations on their own schedule

What to Bring/Wear: We recommend dressing in layers to account for varying temperatures throughout the day.  Bring drinking water and snack if desired. Insect and tick repellent are recommended. An email will be sent to registered participants prior to the event with parking information and additional arrival details.

This training program is FREE.

Please Note: If you have multiple people attending in your party, register each person individually.

For any questions please contact



Saturday, March 18, 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm