You asked. We Answered! - Frequently Asked Questions About Black Rock Forest.
What is Black Rock Forest (BRF)?
BRF is a private, nonprofit organization with a mission of advancing scientific understanding of the natural world through research, education and conservation programs. The organization maintains a 3,914-acre forest, a biological field station and two award-winning green buildings in Cornwall, NY.  The Forest has a 26-mile network of trails and 16 miles of forest roads and is open to the public for recreational use from dawn to dusk. 
Is Black Rock Forest a State Park?
No, Black Rock Forest is private property not a state park. 
Is my Empire Pass Valid at Black Rock Forest?
No. We are not a state park and we do not have reciprocity with NYS and the Empire Pass (but we love the Empire Pass and use it often when not hiking in Black Rock Forest!)
Is Black Rock Forest a park?
No. Black Rock Forest is private land that is open to the public, dawn to dusk.
What is Black Rock Forest Consortium? (What does the “consortium” part really mean?)
Black Rock Forest operates a Consortium of 20 member institutions: prominent universities, K-12 schools, and research institutions that use the Forest, classrooms and laboratories to conduct research and science education for 15,000 K-16 student visits each year. Students and researchers do fieldwork and laboratory activities with visits that sometimes include overnight stays in our Forest Lodge facility. 
Is Black Rock Forest funded by tax payer dollars?
Not really. We have received grants from New York State and the federal government (most recently, the NYC Office of Parks and Recreation, along with generous private donors, helped to fund the building of Sibyl’s Path), but only an average of 2% of our general operating expenses are covered by government support.
Is Black Rock Forest owned by Cornwall, Cornwall-on-Hudson or funded by taxes from those entities?
No. We are nonprofit organization and we are deeply grateful for, and dependent on, the generous contributions of individual donors and foundations. All of YOU make the work we do in research, education and conservation possible – including maintaining 3,914 acres of forest, 26 miles of trails, and 16 miles of forest roads.
What is Black Rock Forest’s Name?
In 2017, our organization began doing business as Black Rock Forest (shortening from Black Rock Forest Consortium), signaling the growth of programs and services for a broader constituency.
Parking Lots:
Reservoir Road 
This is the primary parking area and main entrance to the Black Rock Forest trail network. The lot is owned and maintained by Black Rock Forest. The parking area is open from dawn to dusk with no overnight parking permitted. Please park in an organized manner allowing for allowing for others to access the beauty of Black Rock Forest.
Peck’s Road
  BRF does not own this parking area. It is property within the New York State highway corridor. Please note that this parking area is located on a busy highway and that entering or leaving this parking area can be dangerous due to the speed of passing traffic in both directions. Please enter and exit with care. Please also do not block the gate when parking as both the Black Rock Forest Crew and the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson require access to the road.
Mine Hill Road 
BRF owns this tiny parking area which is located on a residential road. There is room for just 5 cars and we ask that visitors be respectful of each other and the residents on the road.
Mineral Springs Road 
There is no parking area here. While visitors may park along the road, we ask that all visitors follow town rules and laws and be respectful of the residential neighbors.
Are there discounts on the parking fee for Veterans, Seniors, Students, etc.?
Sorry, but for now, we are not offering any discounts. We have kept the cost as low as possible to make parking widely accessible while keeping the pricing simple.
Are members of Black Rock Fish and Game eligible for free parking passes under the new policies?
Members of the Black Rock Fish and Game Club Patrol post a sticker on their vehicle and have keyed access to the Forest interior. If a member of the public requires assistance, they may approach Patrolmen (or Patrolmen may approach you if they see that you are in distress). The Fish and Game Club has a license agreement that allows members to hunt deer in the Forest during NYS deer hunting season as well. However, free parking in the public parking lot on Reservoir Road is a benefit of being a Friend of the Forest and not a special benefit of Fish and Game Club members.
City vs. Country? Are out of town visitors on weekends a problem?
NO! We welcome and enjoy our local visitors, our canine visitors, our city visitors and our visitors from ALL over. Study after study shows how beneficial a walk in the woods is for ALL OF US. We have staffed the entrance to our trail system and been amazed at how much everyone loves visiting Black Rock Forest – whether this was a first visit and visitors were from Brooklyn or France or whether  told us they visited 365 days a year and lived nearby. 
How can I be a great steward of the land?
YOU – our visitors, help make this Forest special! YOU hike the trails, take photos, and learn about the flora and fauna. YOU encourage your children to love the outdoors and be the next generation of forest stewards. 
YOU support the Forest by:
Leaving no trace
Picking up after your dog
And, yes – DONATING! Thank you!